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Sweet Charm Christmas (part 2)

Do you listen to Christmas music while you decorate for the holidays? It seems there are two kinds of folk… those who love to hear every rendition of “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” and those who hope they never hear another “fa-la-la-la-la.” But a few of us still fall in between, enjoying a few hours of yuletide favorites during the Advent. Our fifteen year old daughter chose Mariah Carey to be our featured artist this year while we endeavored to deck our halls.

In the first blog post of this series, you met Amy Grenz of Sweet Charm Staging & Design… my go-to gal for decorating tips and tricks. This year, I wanted my tree and my mantle to feel a little different than years past and here’s why:

When my oldest daughter was just a baby, I read a great magazine article that encouraged getting your child a new ornament each year that reflects something special about his or her personality in that season. Jacy, our oldest daughter, went through a stage of loving American Indian inspired things and she was a ballerina for a time. Oh, and then there were the sparkle and glitter years and there was also that year she was all about horses. The author suggests that when your child is grown and has a tree of their own but perhaps not the budget to decorate it fully, you may gift your child with all of the ornaments collected through the years to help them get started.

I’m a sucker for traditions that offer sweet reflections of the past and this ornament collection endeavor was right up my ally. The problem is that seven kids later with personalities as diverse as fish in a saltwater tank, our Christmas tree began to look very hodge podge. Further, more than one of the now adult children really didn’t want their childhood ornaments on their own tree - for the same reason. (I do still believe that someday each will cherish the little monuments of their different stages.)

Last week, Amy helped me sort through the sentimental ornaments looking for those that went with the color theme that works best in my home (see part 1 of this blog). Those ornaments that were mostly red, winter white or gold still found a home on the tree. The others were either lovingly tucked back into the storage box or found a home on the little tree in the basement family room.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby provided plenty filler for the larger living room tree… balls in the right shades of red and gold, in varying sizes, as well as some charming, yet inexpensive, glittery shapes that fit perfectly with the country glam look I was going for. Another tip: incorporate wide, wire edged ribbon hung vertically on the tree, tucked and tied with floral wire every foot or so. Five ribbons spaced evenly around the tree set the stage for the new cohesive and coordinated look we wanted.

For extra spice, I still want to add sprigs throughout the tree... Amy's advice, of course! Imagine those long white or glittery "sticks" (for lack of better term) with curled ends poking out here and there... or floral sprigs. Either would amp up the look!

When decorating a mantle, Amy suggests losing the urge for symmetry. She prefers to have groupings of three where space allows. Tall candlesticks on one end can offset the stockings which naturally hang below. If your fireplace has an elevated hearth or just a different flooring in front of it, consider offsetting the tall candlesticks on the mantle with a large decorative piece on the opposite side of the fireplace base.

Decorating for the holidays was a great antidote to the blues brought about by our county reaching “red” on the COVID-19 dial. Amy’s advice made a real impact in my home but there was still more she inspired! Check out part 3 of the Sweet Charm Christmas blog series to learn about the surprise space we styled this year.

Amy Grenz, Sweet Charm Staging & Design, is

an amazing resource available to help you decorate your spaces any time of year! Reach out for a conversation at 303-619-7969 or

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