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Where People Want to Be

According to the National Business Journals, Fort Collins is likely to welcome a good number of new residents. A trend to move away from more congested areas, like California’s Bay Area and even the Denver Metro, is developing. People are looking for places that offer a more tranquil lifestyle in light of more time now spent in their own abode. Permits for new home starts are up 47% year to date here where craft breweries have their roots and cultural hotspots are plentiful.

For current residents of northern Colorado, “right sizing” is enticing. In our current state of dealing with Coronavirus-19 imposed limitations, moving to a home that provides space for home workout equipment or perhaps student study stations makes sense.

Many of our clients have shared that the Stay at Home order last spring made them painfully aware of the things that are irksome about the efforts to mesh their personal lifestyles with the layout of their current house.

With all the new construction, not only in Fort Collins, but also east in nearby Windsor, Severance, and Ault and south in Loveland and Berthoud… there are numerous options for those interested in new construction. And while most every builder is happy to serve you without the representation of a Realtor®, having one to help guide you through the process, answering questions and ensuring timely communication from the builder - is a FREE* benefit that is worth employing.

If you’d like more information on developments, builders and floor plans of interest to you, we are eager to help.

* Most builders in the area pay a commission to real estate brokers alleviating the buyer of any financial cost for the representation.

Blog Photo: Riverbend Ponds Natural Area off Prospect Road, East of Timberline Road in East Fort Collins, Colorado


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