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We Do Not Sell Houses! (Read on...)

You can not sell something you do not own. Instead, our mission is to help others buy and sell real estate. The endeavors can be lofty in this season... interest rates are rising leaving buyers with higher payments than they initially bargained for and consequently, sellers are rediscovering the angst of having their property on the market longer than they would like.

While buyers may be in short supply, real estate brokers are definitely not. Choosing the right broker for these market conditions is critical.

When choosing who you will employ to orchestrate the sale of your home, consider the weight and investment the broker is willing to make on staging and professional photography.

You will undoubtedly have questions that arise and you will want someone who is knowledgable and accessible - especially after hours and weekends when you likely have more time to process the details of your move.

Moving is stressful and it's also important to have a healthy dose of positivity and the sense that you have a friend in your corner that truly cares about your specific situation and the motivation behind the transition.

Venturing beyond your expectations on these facets and more is, of course, our aim at Venture 727 Real Estate. When circumstances inspire you to move, we hope you'll reach out and let us strategize with you on how to best market your property to ascertain your greatest return - on what is likely your largest investment.


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