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Yes! This works.

Sterling silver is a go-to for taking most casual outfits up a notch. And, sometimes, we get in a jewelry rut, we move or we inherit a sterling silver piece that is tarnished to the point of undeniably ugly. On a busy day, we probably set it aside to deal with later or we may even toss the piece in the "give away" box.

But, if you are pausing your routine to make a cup of tea... here's a quick way to bring life back to the tarnished jewelry with minimal extra effort. No, it's not an original idea... it's just one I took a few minutes to test this morning.

Line a bowl with tin foil, sprinkle in baking soda to cover the bottom, toss in your tarnished silver jewelry, cover with the extra boiling water you made for your tea, sprinkle in a bit more baking soda, enjoy the bubbling reaction and in about 15 minutes extract your now shiny pieces, dry and get decked out for the day!

Way to feel accomplished with very little extra effort or expense!

Before (above) and After (below)... though these photos don't really show the MAJOR difference.

Shout out to Richard Schmidt Jewelry Design for creating the cross and flower pieces. He is an amazing silversmith and hails from a small town in Texas dear to my heart:

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