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Sweet Charm Christmas (part 3)

Turns out, my friend Amy Grenz of Sweet Charm Staging & Design had so many tips for holiday decorating, they just couldn’t be contained in the first two blog posts.

The fun idea below is guaranteed to be unique… well, at least I haven’t seen or heard of it before, and Lord knows, I’ve traveled around the sun more than a few times!

So, your tree is up and the mantle is decorated. Santa is sure to be delighted with your perfect placement of holly berries and pine cones! But, there’s still some leftovers in your totes that hold the garlands, tree trimmings AND those other things you love to rediscover each December.

Maybe the colors didn’t fit your palette or perhaps it’s that you’ve collected more snowmen than your winter wonderland can host. Here’s the thought… create a special, fun, quirky and unexpected holiday item habitat in your laundry room!

“I’ve actually just completed a renovation of my family’s laundry space,” Amy offered, as I discovered cute and simple Christmas knick-knacks sitting on the shelves above her clothes washer & dryer.

In my house, the Maytag machines don’t pose beautifully in front of shiplapped walls with a pretty wood counter and shelving, but I still found decorating the space was not only fun, but truly appreciated by my family! The kids claim it adds a little happy to their laundry chores and when they string “happy” and “chore” together in a sentence, it makes me downright gleeful!

Knowing an interior decorator offers some great fringe benefits, like finding out where she bought some of the unusual eye catching pieces for herself and her clients. (For instance, the light fixture in her laundry space!) And, now you know her, too. So, reach out and find out where she shops for her clients and get to work on your own decorating delights and dilemmas.

Amy Grenz, Sweet Charm Staging & Design, is an amazing resource available to help you decorate your spaces any time of year! Reach out for a conversation at 303-619-7969 or

Venture 727 Real Estate is always aiming to exceed your expectations. This blog features home and lifestyle tips, tricks and stories to inspire, motivate and entertain. We love helping our clients buy and sell property whenever you may be so inclined but our desire to be of value extends long before and long after contracts and closings!

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