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Dress Your Investment for Success

Whether an investment is a short term rental, a more traditional home to lease or even your personal residence that you’ve decided to sell - decorating to impress is imperative to get the best results from your marketing. Primping isn’t just for people!

Our staging experience was the catalyst for launching Sweet Spruce - your resource for frugal yet fantastic decor for your unoccupied space.

We have the resources to completely outfit your short term rental for vacationers or corporate housing. Plus, we contract excellent photographers to create images that make your property a stand-out on booking websites.

If your traditional house for rent is in need of new tenants, let us help add some minimalistic decor to give the place a feeling of warmth and help prospective renters see the place as where they would really enjoy living their next chapter.

Home sales are, of course, our specialty and we would love to share our all encompassing marketing plan with you which includes a complimentary staging consultation and no or low cost staging solutions.

Venture 727 Real Estate is always aiming to exceed your expectations. This blog features home and lifestyle tips, tricks and stories to inspire, motivate and entertain. We love helping our clients buy and sell property whenever you may be so inclined but our desire to be of value extends long before and long after contracts and closings!

Sweet Spruce is an in-house decorating division for Venture 727 Real Estate, LLC

Contact: Patti Tupper, Broker/Owner

970-776-0117 or

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