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Staying in Step with Color - 2021 Prediction

Most every real estate broker has a “former life” in the form of another career. Mine was in advertising, photography and graphic design… which has been pretty handy for marketing homes! When a logo, brochure or other piece is designed, colors are most often designated by the Pantone® color name or number. You may know that ink is formulated to make a particular color using a specific mix of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CYMK*).

Each year for over two decades, Pantone® announces their prediction for the color(s) of the year and their proclamation actually carries significant weight on the production of fashion, home decor and of course, advertising.

So, what colors will we likely see popping up in model homes and on the shelves of our favorite home decor stores in 2021? “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating”, a bright and bold yellow hue.

Gray has been the new base neutral color in home decor for a while now. In fact, the lack of earth-tone sofas was a very small catalyst in my decision to move in 2019. I had loaned out my white loveseat and oversized chair for staging a listing and the living room was in want of something new. Furniture stores seemed to have a 9 to 1 ratio on gray tones to earth tone living room options. And, my 2010 home was oh, so brown. Sable color cabinets and tan floor tiles abutted the multi-tone carpet which boasted colors that could be called “sand” and “dirt.”

If your home is all about brown and you are wanting to keep in step with the trends, there are cabinet color transformation kits and of course, walls can be painted cooler hues and flooring is replaceable! And, it’s the perfect season for interior home improvement while snow falls and the gardens lie dormant!

However, if you are bored with the browns and itching for new digs, we are eager to help you shop! From new construction (yes, having your Realtor represent you is important - and available at no cost to you) to homes in mature neighborhoods, we love to help you browse the options… even from your own living room. Give us a call and let us set up a personalized automated search, so you can be the first to know when a property you may like to call home comes available.

*Why is “K” used for “black” in the CMYK color coding? Technically “K” stand for “Key” and most often black is used as the key color in the process.

Venture 727 Real Estate is always aiming to exceed your expectations. This blog features home and lifestyle tips, tricks and stories to inspire, motivate and entertain. We love helping our clients buy and sell property whenever you may be so inclined but our desire to be of value extends long before and long after contracts and closings!

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