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Push Play

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0” are perhaps the most eagerly anticipated words spoken by Coach Kozak as thousands of folks muscle through their choice of literally hundreds of options HASfit ( posts online. Adriene Misner encourages her 4 million YouTube subscribers to “Find What Feels Good”. (

After years of what we considered to be well rounded workouts at the gym were no longer an option, we have found that our dedication to performing a HASfit routine 6 days a week has changed our fitness level dramatically in a relatively short period of time. The workouts are free on YouTube, however, we opted in for their subscription ($4.99/month or $60/year) which lines up the workouts in a sequence designed to offer the greatest benefits. We began the workouts in our bedroom where space is definitely limited!

Yoga with Adriene is our evening go-to to help circumvent muscle soreness, release pent up tension and stress and increase flexibility. She is a great instructor - describing the moves well while remaining fun, spirited and relatable.

The trend to workout at home will survive the pandemic according to a The Future of Fitness survey conducted by Beachbody (, a Santa Monica based health and fitness company. Among 1000 US adults who report that they work out regularly, 9 out of 10 indicated that they will continue their home workout regimens even after they consider it safe to return to a gym.

Creating a space to get fit at home is really not as challenging as I previously thought. In our case, our 3 car garage isn’t deep enough to park our vehicles in and all those boxes of keepsakes have now found their home in an inexpensive storage unit. (One day, I’ll digitize the memorabilia and eliminate that expense… but the success of that endeavor will have to be touted on a future post. ;)

First, we filled the expansion gaps and added an epoxy finish to the floor (not really necessary but it does make keeping the floors clean much easier). We bought foam flooring squares ( from Costco (2 sets) and most importantly for my "cold-abhorrent"

husband, we had a warehouse heater ( installed to make the morning workouts in Colorado lose all risk of frostbite.

Facebook Marketplace was our source for the bench and selector weights and the hand weight and kettlebell collection continually grows as our strength ramps up. We installed an inexpensive smart TV on the wall and viola! The excuses for not driving the gym have transformed to a borderline addiction to fitness routines.

“Whether it be for 10 minutes or a full hour-long routine, there is something very gratifying about discovering the convenience of just rolling out of bed, enjoying a pre-workout drink, and immediately pushing ‘Play’ on a workout of your choice,” says Carl Daikeler, CEO of the Beachbody Co. “Since the start of the pandemic, tens of millions of people have experienced effective, virtual workouts in their own living rooms, and our nutrition and fitness programs have been used more widely as working out at home has become an essential aspect of staying healthy.”

My daughter truly grieved over the loss of being able to use her “class pass” at gyms near her home in Denver but has found the virtual classes offered through Peloton a suitable substitute. The company has won her over and they intend to gain a lot more subscribers.

“100 million subscribers, we believe is a reasonable goal,” John Foley, Peloton’s CEO said during Peloton’s first investor meeting as a public company, which was held virtually. “There’s close to 200 million gym-goers in the world. That’s 200 million people paying hard money, month after month, to access what we believe to be inferior fitness equipment in an inferior location.”

A friend and colleague of ours has invested in a SOLE ( treadmill and after waiting for delivery for a month his initial review is that the machine even exceeds his well researched expectations.

If getting fit, staying healthy or just reducing stress sounds appealing, just press “play” and get moving.

The online options are innumerable. And, we would love to hear about your favorite programs as well! Of course, if your home just doesn't offer an appealing space for working out and such is becoming your passion, contact us to consider what a move to another home may look like for you.


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